DELIVERYDelivery and Delivery Fees

Delivery Agent

Domestic delivery: Sagawa Express Co., Ltd.
International delivery: FedEx

Sagawa Express Co., Ltd. shall be the delivery agent for domestic delivery and FedEx shall be the delivery agent for international delivery. Please note that you may not designate the delivery agent. It usually takes approximately two (2) to nine (9) days to deliver items to a destination within Japan, and approximately two (2) weeks to deliver items to an overseas destination. The parcels will be stored at the delivery agent’s office for seven (7) days from the first date of attempted delivery.

Delivery Fees

Please note that the following delivery fees (incl. tax) will be incurred per order:


Domestic delivery

Tokyo, Kanto, Shinetsu and Tokai region JPY 550
Southern Tohoku and Hokuriku region JPY 660
Kansai and Northern Tohoku region JPY 770
Shikoku and Chugoku region JPY 880
Hokkaido, Northern Kyushu and Southern Kyushu JPY 1,100
Okinawa JPY 1,650

*Free delivery for total purchases of JPY 30,000 (incl. tax) or above.


International delivery

United States JPY 3,000
Taiwan JPY 2,500
Hong Kong JPY 2,500
South Korea JPY 2,500
China JPY 2,500
Singapore JPY 2,500
Malaysia JPY 2,500
Australia JPY 4,000
Canada JPY 3,000
United Kingdom JPY 3,000
Thailand JPY 2,500
Germany JPY 3,000
France JPY 3,000
Italy JPY 3,000
Netherlands JPY 3,000
Spain JPY 3,000
Greece JPY 3,000
Finland JPY 3,000
Belgium JPY 3,000
Ireland JPY 3,000
Portugal JPY 3,000
Luxembourg JPY 3,000
Austria JPY 3,000
Latvia JPY 3,000
Republic of Lithuania JPY 3,000
Cyprus JPY 3,000
Slovakia JPY 3,000
Estonia JPY 3,000
Slovenia JPY 3,000
Malta JPY 3,000

*Tariffs, etc. may be additionally incurred depending on the country to which the item is delivered.


Undeliverable regions

We cannot deliver items to countries and regions other than Japan, the United States.
We may not be able to deliver items if the delivery destination is geologically distant from the central area of each country or region (such as certain remote islands or other isolated places). In such case, we will notify you prior to delivery. We retain our right not to deliver any items to regions to which delivery is prohibited under applicable export laws. In addition, we cannot not deliver any items to a P.O. Box or any similar address.

*Please contact us by clicking CONTACT for details on delivery to undeliverable regions.